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Melee Man

Melee Man - Screenshot 1 Melee Man - Screenshot 2 Melee Man - Screenshot 3 Melee Man - Screenshot 4

Melee Man

Range Man - Screenshot 1 Range Man - Screenshot 2 Range Man - Screenshot 3 Range Man - Screenshot 4

Website Update March 9, 2012
The new version of the website is now live, as you can see. You can now play each game or download its distribution package from the buttons above.

Range Man Viral Launch February 28, 2012
Range Man is now in active viral distribution and available in all the right places. Read more!

Range Man Released February 18, 2012
Thanks to funding from Zethama: World of Games, Range Man, a quirky little spin-off of Melee Man is now available to the public for free. Click here to play it now!

Melee Man Viral Launch November 13, 2011
Melee Man is now in active viral distribution and available in quite a few different places. Read more!

Melee Man Released October 31, 2011
Thanks to a generous sponsorship offer by Newgrounds, Melee Man is now live and available free on their website. We've included Newgrounds Medals to the game to celebrate this momentous occasion! Click here to play it now!